Starting and Managing New Company

We fully create and manage every detail of your new company for you including customer service, fufillment, sourcing, stock purchasing, payroll, staff, expenses, banking, accounting, taxes and much more. You can feel confident that your company is being grown by it's own team of professionals who are regularly reviewing and improving it. We have created over 653 companies and are currently managing 463 of them on behalf of our clients.


Companies We Manage

We create millions every year for the owners of the 463 companies we manage. We manage companies for CEOs, celebrities many governments including the Government of India, Turkey, Sweden and Brazil. Whether it's a small retail store or a Mall, we have the resources to start and manage your company in almost every country.


Projects Under Construction

We currently have 29 projects under construction in 11 countries which include Residential Real Estate Developments, Supermarkets, Malls and our first Bank opening. The only limit is our client's imagination.


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Purchasing A Company

We instantly provide you with a temporary dedicated manager so you will see continuous progress on your company as soon as we receive payment. We will get your business up and running as quickly so you start to see returns on your investment as soon as possible. Investing from $5k to $10k

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Investing $1M to $100M+

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